Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Minis anyone?

What can we learn from the 1948 Olympics? I like the comment from Dorothy Tyler MBE, 88 – who competed at the 1948 games, who says, ‘a great big no to any pop groups, it should not be made into a pop occasion. This is a serious thing.’

I couldn’t agree more. You fear it will be so that we just wheel out a load of crap pop stars and singing a load of rubbish songs. However, they had the imagination to have Jimmy Page play at our eight minutes (even if it was with Leona Lewis – although she did conquer American so in terms of global awareness she’s probably a good choice), which suggests they might look beyond the obvious.

It’s pretty clear you can’t compete with Beijing in terms of scale and size of show, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good. I think something involving minis driving around, doing stunts, almost crashing, but not quite crashing, would be fun. Any other suggestions? (No 'comedy' pearly queen, morris dancers, tea drinking replies allowed).


Kristian Dando said...

Please make sure they aren't new minis - I fucking hate them! How about something with happy slapping and binge drinking?

Dan W said...

Yeah I was thinking Italian Job style minis. As long as it's done with 'wit and humour' I think anything goes.