Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Get it Right...

So Channel 4 have a new show called 'Gillian Moves In' referring to the health 'expert' Gillian McKeith. Except the shows' premise is that people move into her house, not the other way around.

You would like to think that at some stage somewhere along the production, someone, with half a brain, noticed the incorrect statement in the title and changed it. But somehow it got all the way to advertising and still it's wrong.

And I was tempted to do a little piece about Ugly Betty which started just the other day but a fellow student said all I would have wanted to say so read that instead...


Jessica said...

ooohhhh hey I'm so excited to see you're still blogging. I've decided to take it back up. I've been going through a lot of trauma with it really. the whole 'do i have anything interesting to say?' debate. I still haven't decided but am jealous that yours has been coming along so nicely while i have been pondering this so decision made.

also, I think the more blogging about Ugly Betty the better. Although, I sense yours may be negative blogging. I quite liked it.

J x

Anonymous said...

Ugly Betty shows magazines in their worst most stereotypical light.
Nuff said.