Sunday, January 21, 2007

50 Not Out

According to Blogger this is to be my 50th post. In reaction to reaching such a (dubious) milestone I thought a little summary of my thoughts regarding the blog were in order.

What I have learned:
  • Less is more - the longer it is the less likely people will read it.
  • People will find this, or any blog, no matter how small or irrelevant you believe it to be - the map at the very bottom of this page is testament to that fact.
  • However it's sad to report that as of yet I feel my 'readers' extend to people on my course, my mum and my friends when I remind them that I have a blog.
  • You can and possibly will be looked for via your blog.
  • Most blogs out there are impossible to understand, under-maintained, visually revolting and pointless.

But despite this I still like blogging. Why? Probably because I like having a place in the great vastness/void of the internet that is mine. Especially as I got such a good address. I also feel as a journalist it is important to demonstrate that you are technologically savvy and aware of current stories developing in the media. As such the blog is best place to demonstrate this.

Iain Dale I might not be...but I hope I'm writing a blog entry entitled 100 Not Out at some point before May.

Here is an interesting article about the main reasons for blogging.


RE: the picture. I've always liked it and felt this post deserved a bizarre image.

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