Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Top 10 Albums

I have again been tagged to do a Top 10 List. This time it's albums and by Will Dean. I have picked one per artist and all studio albums. Except for Grace as the first one they are not in order.

I will probably update this to give a brief reason why I chose each album but right now I am too busy, although not too busy to do this much of the post. Cheers.


Its pretty obvious said...

Internationalist? What is wrong eith you are you some of kind of complete and utter moronic cretinous douche bag? I know you'll say it's the wild card entry and all that but like , dude, where are APPETITE and ILLUSION II? Man! You suck, like beyond compare


Dan W said...

it's pretty obvious that you are, like totally, wrong dude, I mean, huh, what do you like totally think Axl(e) Rose is some kind of, like, genuis.

Hi Shrew!