Saturday, December 16, 2006

Some Faith Restored...

Good old David Attenborough. It was almost a fore gone conclusion that he would win the BBCs Greatest Living Icon poll. Macca and Mozza were both interesting competitors with plenty of support but Attenborough is a cut above.

The passion and desire for his field is unrivalled and yet he suffers from none of the over the top self indulgance so many others afford themselves. Planet Earth is just the latest in a plethora of fantastic nature programmes with Attenborough at the helm. Be it in front of the camera as in his earlier days or now as a narrator he always brings that level of a quiet, unassuming, unintrusive but ultimately intelligent and knowledgeable voice.

ITV may think that programmes like EXTINCT (not my capitals - awful I know...) are "nature shows" and that by making them interactive (ohh you can vote to save an animal! It's like X Factor but with animals!) it will be engaging.

But actually what Attenborough has done by bringing the world of nature into people's living rooms in an interesting and informative way and letting the images speak for themselves is provide a legacy of shows that will beguil and entertain many generations when, sadly, many of the animals featured will either be extinct or only visible in zoos.

How jolly decent of the "Great" British public to recognise this now.

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