Monday, October 23, 2006


More fantastic reporting in the media today. Richard Hammond has given his first interview since that crash and he has 'revealed' that he 'almost died'. I'm pretty sure when he was in that coma we all knew he had almost died. Crashing a light weight drag racer at 300mph is not exactly conducive to a healthy bodily state.

But yet 'Revealed' was the word thrown about the BBC website like something I would expect from FOX News (cunning? ravaged? sly?). Why is it so hard to read back what you have written to see that after just eight words you have made a very basic mistake? Especially from the BBC who are just so goddamn trustworthy. I love the Beeb but it doesn't take long looking around their lovingly crafted website to start noticing glaring error upon glaring error; And on that bombshell...

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