Friday, October 20, 2006

Give me another shot of news

Whilst enjoying a laid-back pub quiz on Thursday night the television on in the grad centre was on News24, because us post-grads are so mature we only want News, Or TMF in the day… Anyways there was an odd moment when the story running on the BBC News 24 channel went to the news that Prince William wears glasses, coupled with (so the BBC upholds their position of trustworthyness) a picture of William with said glasses.

But this wasn’t enough. The BBC need a quote. What could they say? Who would give a pithy quote regarding specky William and his new glasses. Then who should phone up but a spokesman. A spokesman! The BBC’s prayers were answered. What vital piece of infomation should they extract first. What does your average man…..or woman want to know about a young man and his glasses. How often he wears them! Of course. Thus the headline ran…

Spokesman: He only wears them occassionaly

Thank the skies for News24. Without constant, uninterrupted, never-ending, efficient, popular, interesting, vital, and above all, breaking news, where would we be?!

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