Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Wire

I am finally watching The Wire.

I know, I know, I am only five years behind the curve, but, in my defence your honours, I was always wary of watching such a well received show on the variously poor TVs I have owned. I now live with a good friend who has an excellent TV and together we have made a pact to watch the show, and we are now just embarking on season two.

There isn't much I can say, I think, from what has probably been written about the show already but 100 journalists and more, mostly from The Guardian (har har) but it is one of the most engrossing shows I've ever seen in the way it slowly, subtly, pulls out threads and strands of plotlines over sprawling, hour long episodes.

Also, some of the scenes are so much like a cut-scene in Grand Theft Auto it's uncanny; the music, the camera angles, the dialogue all match up perfectly.


Siany said...

You make me feel less bad for not watching it yet. I'll get there, eventually. I'm still catching up with Mad Men!

Dan Worth said...

Well, I haven't seen Mad Men, so it's all equal. It's impossible to have seen everyone of these marathon shows anyway. Mostly.