Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Turning 25

Ah age, what a strange concept. Time, moving on, marking it off as random days pass. Can you really be sure it is the day you were born? In all those days are we sure someone didn't lose count and we're running a day behind or ahead?

Well, of course not, but you know, it's an interesting idea. I turned 25 the other day. A nice round number to turn, I went silver at midnight, just for a flash, then back to skin and things. I think I've done enough things for being 25, run a marathon, given a speech, written for the nationals, seen a solar eclipse, that sort of thing. But some people are millionaires by now, or have won Olympics gold medals, so I guess it's swings and roundabouts.

I was ill on the day itself, great. It was day 8 of a 10 day cold/infection that seems to be going around. It was not enjoyable. But I screwed it and had some whiskey and food and an enjoyable day was the outcome.

Mostly though I thought, in passing, not in some great deep thinking away, about where the next five years will take me. It will be almost to the day that the next election takes place, my life in fives mirroring our new coalition government. Me as the nation, like a poor, less relevant or accurate Saleem Sinai. We'll see I suppose, where it all goes, whether it's up or down, forwards or stagnation.

So, advice and tips please, what things should I do between now and 30? Serious, fun, silly, all welcome. But nothing cliched or impossible.


Simon said...

Belated congratulations. 25 seems a long time ago for me now. But what else have you got to aim for in the next five years?

From my personal experience the only milestones I passed in that period were having a nervous breakdown and getting out of the job that caused it. I'd managed to buy a house and get married by 24 so they don't count.

Have you been arrested yet? Maybe you coudl manage that before 30.

Dan Worth said...

Thanks Simon for your reply. That was some nifty work you managed before 24. Glad you escaped a terrible job though! What was it, if you can relive it?!



JW said...

we must move forwards, not back wards, sideways, not diagonal, vertical not horizontal, and twirling, always twirling, round and round and round

Dan Worth said...

Thanks "JW". Can we expect any more blog enteries from you soon?

Simon said...

I was in the stockroom for a well known Catalogue based retail chain that starts with an A (and ends rgos). The job itself was fine, but let's just say I had issues with the manager...