Thursday, January 14, 2010

The void

Sadly, as you can tell, I have little time for this thing anymore, which is a shame as I muchly enjoyed writing it with my meandering thoughts on anything I thought about. Snow. There is something I could have talked about. Or New Years Day, there is something else I have thoughts on. But time does not allow, so you cannot read of these things.

Go, go forth, find others to read, they may desert you in time, but for now, they are bloggers, and you shall seek them out.


An update:

This blog will remain active, it's just far more random. If you can handle that please leave me on your blog rolls (mmmm, blog rolls) and link panels, if you only like having constantly updated blogs linked, I understand. I just thought I should clarify that the blog in its old state will not exist again for some time (I imagine).


1 comment:

Five-Centres said...

Are we to take this to mean this blog will be lying fallow from now on?

Well, I enjoyed it while it lasted. Good luck to you in your (newish) job.