Thursday, September 10, 2009

Walking past the future

Having now been moved in to my new house for, ohhh, four days, I’ve been thinking about how often I must have walked past it before, without knowing it would become my new home. Probably not a great number of times, maybe 10 at most, and, of course, on those occasions I was utterly oblivious - it was just another house. But now it’s my home.

Where else am I walking past on a daily basis that could become part of my life? Or who else? Maybe nothing and no-one, maybe something massive. It’s intriguing to think of all these people and places you walk past that, barring some tragic accident, could well become part of your life in the future – or could cause the tragic accident. But right now we’re all just walking around oblivious to the potential future(s) in store – although for some today will be that day. The job interview, the date, the car crash.

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Five-Centres said...

What a frightening thought. But you're right, the house i live in now I drove by for 12 years, never giving it a second thought. It's funny isn't it.