Monday, November 10, 2008

Only if the result is right

So people want X-factor singer Laura White reinstated because they think it's a fix she was voted off?

This is ludicrous. The show involves people ringing up to vote for their favourite and then the bottom two being put before the judges and one being saved. It's that simple. People know that's how it works and if they don't like it shouldn't watch, or at best certainly shouldn't vote. And surely if this singer was as popular as everyone says she would have got the votes in the first place? If, however, it was a fix, then where is the surprise in that?

Have people learnt nothing from the TV phone in debacles of the last 18 months? If you still insist on phoning these shows to vote for people in overhyped talent contests and the result doesn't go your way either accept it for the transient waste of time it is, or don't bother at all and learn from the past in which TV execs and so on were found guilty as charged for rigging phone contests, competitions, and even the naming of TV cats. You can read the extensive list here.

A glorious quotation from the story on the BBC: "In the petition, some of White's supporters also accused X Factor judge Louis Walsh - who had the casting vote - of getting rid of the singer so that his group, JLS, would have a better chance of winning. One fan, Donna Clarkson, said the result was an "absolute joke" and suggested Walsh should have "let it go to deadlock"."

So people are upset one judge chose his own act over a rivals? Do they not understand it's a (mock) competition in which the judges endlessly crow on about their 'rivalry' with one another?

It should be noted X-Factor have strongly denied all these various, wild and spurious, accusations. It doesn't matter though, the point remains the same, who cares?

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geordie said...

Quite right Dan. If all the people demanding her reinstatement had bothered voting for in the first place, it wouldn't be an issue.

Mind you, she was only in the bottom two because she played the piano -- which most X-Factor voted would probably have viewed as pretentious. And Ruth was only in the bottom two because Simon mentioned her norks.