Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Blooming 'elf and safety. Huh, wass the world comin' to eh? Can't even let some f-ing clowns blow their friggen trumpets. It's political correctness gone mad. New Labour? These circus clowns will never outdo their counterparts in Whitehall. They're the real clowns!

Oh sorry don't know what came over me. Although it is a bit of a rum do when clowns can't blow some trumpets because it's classed a live musical performance and therefore requires a different licence.

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Tim Holmes said...

Gotta have rules my boy - what if everyone could drive on whatever side of the road they liked? Madness! And that's why your hair must not touch the top of your ears and you must wear GREY socks not BLACK ... Sorry, just reliving a choice moment from skool, some 40 years ago ...