Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back of the Q

A trip to the Q Monthly Music Showcase last night was a nice little perk of work. Martha Wainwright was fantastic and having long been a fan it was great to see her so up close. Support band Lazenby were also highly entertaining and I wouldn't be at all surprised if they became far more well known.

But…like almost every gig these days it was marred by people in the crowd talking, laughing and generally forgetting where they were. Ok so it’s a free event and probably not a rarity for some of the people there last night, but you and your friends can laugh about nothing on your own time. I think when a major artist is on stage playing an intimate gig you should simply just shut up and watch. The odd comment here or there, between songs perhaps, is fine, but not to laugh continually amongst yourselves almost the entire way through.

Rant over, otherwise though top stuff.


Kristian Dando said...

I agree: nothing winds me up quite so much as when I see youngsters at gigs and clubs laughing, gadding around and having so-called 'fun'.

They should sit down, be quiet and allow the rest of us to get on with our chin-stroking in peace.

Dan W said...

Wind-up merchant. Where's Da Edge when you want him eh?

Kristian Dando said...

I just rang The Edge out of U2, but he was unavailable for comment. On previous form, he's probably on the toilet, thumbing through a copy of 'Exchange and Mart'.

However, his mate Bono has long made the case for people clapping their hands (quite a common thing at gigs) having a direct impact on children dying in Africa. These people really are thoughtless nincompoomps.