Thursday, May 22, 2008

Out of touch

Something I’ve been meaning to recount for a while: About two weeks ago while my house mate watched Shipwrecked (a show where yoofs are sent to, essentially, bitch about each other, seemingly unaware they are on beautiful tropical islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean), I heard an amazingly moronic comment from one of the, er, morons on the show that made me cringe.

After spending a week getting to know the two ‘tribes’ known, somewhat oddly, as the ‘Sharks’ and the ‘Tigers’(?), on their separate islands the contestant, was doing a private piece to camera, said (paraphrased):

“this is such a hard decision, I mean the sharks were great, the tigers were great…such a tough decision…this really is D-Day…” And on he went. I think he went for Tigers.

But does he even know where the term D-Day comes from? Does he really think having to choose between two tropical islands populated by vacuous idiots equates to the storming of beaches in Northern France while coming under attack from rapid fire machine guns armed by Nazis?

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geordie said...

Not just northern France and by Nazis Dan: D-Day (and H-Hour) are used to denot the start tiem of any operation. The first known use comes from WW1.

But yeah. I've caught a bit of Shitwrecked. Frankly I think they should all be left there.