Friday, April 11, 2008

Communication Breakdown

This is one of my favourite stories in a long time. As a sketch it would work brilliantly so for it to actually happen is genius, innit?

Of course there is a strong argument to be made for suggesting this story is entirely untrue and is nothing more than a very clever bit of PR / marketing that has such good potential as a news story most papers would happily print as it's good filler. I'm not going to stake my (non)reputation on whether or not it is actually true but either we are all too cynical (or just cycnical enough) or you just have to give credit to the creative mind that was desperatly trying to think of a way to get a story about cabinets in the national press and noticed the potential of 'cab innit' and dreamt up the entire story.


When I once taught English to some foreign students I was always amazed by their desire to make up words while playing Scrabble. I've always felt that "woob" - a made-up word a student insisted was real - sounded so good to say, it deserves a place within our fine language.


geordie said...

Four candles.

Tim Holmes said...

I have only just caught up with this (and the rescue headline classic) – what or who the flippin' heck is Joe Baxi? A boiler repair man?

Tim Holmes said...

Take a look here then:

Dan W said...

Well, while I am glad it's a word with a defintion, I was hoping for something better.