Friday, November 09, 2007

Money Makes the World go Round

Guinness has unveiled their new advert that cost 10 million pounds to make. 10 million! And it’s not even that good. (I can’t link to it as work have banned youtube – you can’t blame ‘em, they want to make money).

It’s a horrible thought - all that money being spent on something which is just a giant dominoes game with cars, hay and books. Dominoes are hardly an original idea either. And this is probably before the ad agency even picks up its fee. Guinness is hardly a struggling company. I wonder how much money was given to the random Argentinean village that it was set in.

And then as if that wasn’t heinous enough a restaurant in New York has launched a pudding that costs $25,000. It’s just not necessary. Anyone spending that amount of money on one piece of food should at least match the amount with a donation to charity.

I’ve nothing against free market capitalism at all, but surely basic decency and restraint could be shown? If that has made you all down then at least read / look at this story about dogs being treated really nicely – for one day at least. (The picture I have used is possibly one of my favourite BBC news photos of all time.)

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